About Jess


Growing up surrounded by nature and a host of weird and wonderful animals, Jess has developed a great affinity for the natural world. As a child, Jess spent much of her childhood outside, muddying her clothes by scrabbling under stones looking for minibeasts. Jess is fearless and knowledgeable in the world of invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles as a result of her Dad’s exotic insect breeding business. Her love of animals is reflected in her passion for protecting the world that they live in.

During her first degree, Jess founded a programme in which university students taught workshops to primary school children about local and global environmental issues.

For this work she was awarded the Jane Goodall Global Youth Leadership award in 2010.

Jess is a qualified vet, currently working in a small animal practice in Norfolk. She also works as a presenter for CBeebies, a children's author and a teacher for school groups interested in animals and the natural world.

When not studying, teaching, writing or looking for bugs, Jess enjoys adventure sports and travel, learning new languages and playing the saxophone and drums. Jess is fluent in (South American) Spanish and can communicate in British Sign Language.

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Jess has an unquenchable thirst for adventure. At the age of 17, she travelled to Chile, South America to work as an English Teacher at an underprivileged school. Since then, she has led multiple challenge events to raise money for Children’s charities. Amongst these challenges; climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Cycling through the Indian Himalayas and Trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. Jess is a passionate mountaineer and trekker, always in search of a new adventure. She hopes to summit Aconcagua in the next couple of years. Jess is also a keen rock-climber and kickboxer.

Whilst travelling, Jess spends much time working on charity projects, particularly primate rehabilitation programmes. She has worked with capuchins in Bolivia, gibbons in Thailand and langur monkeys in India.

She hopes to return to these projects in a veterinary capacity when she graduates.

Jess has undertaken fieldwork with wild primates, including assisting a post-doctoral paper into gibbon behaviour. This involved following wild gibbons through the forest from the moment they woke to the moment they slept. The forest was often dense and full of leeches and required Jess to slash her own path through the undergrowth using a machete.

Through her extensive travel, Jess has also become familiar with tropical parasites and diseases. She acquired intestinal worms from living with a remote tribe in Bolivia, hookworms under her skin travelling in Africa and Dengue fever trekking in Borneo.


Jess' writing portfolio spans all age groups and a wide variety of natural history topics.  Below are some of the current titles in her range.

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Jess presents a series called ‘Minibeast Adventure with Jess’ for CBeebies, produced by Kindle Entertainment.

The series, aimed at pre-schoolers, encourages children to explore their local environment and get close to nature. Her natural enthusiasm for creepy-crawlies and their environment is infectious and the show has been praised for its education of children and parents alike.

Jess has also worked as an animal handler on Live ‘n’ Deadly and Deadly Mission Madagascar, where she enabled interaction between children and a host of weird and wonderful creatures. She also assisted with wrangling for Sky’s Micro Monsters with Sir David Attenborough. On the production side, Jess has worked as a story developer on SpringWatch for BBC.

Jess is represented by David Foster Management

Veterinary Medicine

Jess holds degrees in Zoology (BSc – University College London), Veterinary Medical Science (BVMedSci – University of Nottingham) and Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVM BVS - University of Nottingham).

She is currently working as a small animal vet in Norfolk, where she also treats the animals in a local wildlife park. Although she loves cats and dogs, Jess also specialises in wild and exotic animal medicine - especially primates.

Jess has worked in veterinary practices in Africa, South America and Asia – as well as the UK. Jess is passionate about supporting conservation programmes worldwide.

Jess has also written two theses into the behaviour, biology and health of captive great apes.